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International Congress
"50 years of the Mexican Psychiatric Association 1966 - 2016"

1st International Congress of the
Ibero-Latin American Association of Neuroscience and Psychiatry

   Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
   9 to 12 June, 2016

Organizing Committee


  • Enrique Chávez-León, MD. APM elected president (biennium 2016-2017)
  • Enrique Camarena-Robles, MD. President of AILANCYP
  • Edgard Belfort-Garbán, MD. Vicepresident of AILANCYP
  • Rogelio Gallegos-Cazares, MD. General coordinator
  • Alejandro Córdova-Castañeda, MD. General operational coordination
  • Rosa Isela Mézquita-Orozco, MD. Scientific committee
  • Wazcar Verduzco-Fragoso, MD. Abstract selection
  • Juan Pablo Fernández-Hernández, MD. Special academic activities
  • Itzamna Kukulkan Castaneda-Medina, MD. Regular academic activities
  • José Luis Esquinca-Ramos, MD. Social communication and dissemination
  • Hugo Trejo, MD & Gabriela Cortés, MD. Sessions operational monitoring
  • Sara Lizeth, MsC. Dissemination document's review
  • Dolores Martínez-González. Coordinator of social activities


Dear Psychiatrists and Mental Health Professionals:

In 2016 the Mexican Psychiatric Association celebrates 50 years since its foundation. Therefore will take out various commemorative events, including the International Conference "50 years of the Mexican Psychiatric Association AC, 1966- 2016". On this international congress, the Mexican Psychiatric Association, joins forces with the emerging Ibero-Latin American Association of Neuroscience and Psychiatry in order to conduct high quality academic activities with the participation of national and foreign speakers and attendees.

The conference will bring together eminent speakers from various countries in the areas of neuroscience, neurology and psychiatry. It will be held keynote lectures, special lectures, discussions with the expert, pre and trans-congress courses, roundtables, forum panels, presentations of books and, research poster presentations.

We invite you to present your research in this magnificent forum.

Get ready to enjoy an excellent congress in this paradisiac location. We look forward to meet you in Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco.

Kind regards,

Enrique Chavez-León, MD
Asociación Psiquiátrica Mexicana AC.
Elected President 2016- 2017

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Enrique Camarena-Robles, MD
President of AILANCYP